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Conciliation on the remuneration of an employee’s invention

20 March 2020

Design of solutions for the treatment of traumatic pathologies of the spine

Action against the client before the Judicial Court of Paris of a former employee for payment of additional remuneration in return for 4 inventions

Key Figures

Total amount of claims made against the client: EUR 1.350 million


Initiation on behalf of the employer of a conciliation procedure before the CNIS (National Commission for Inventions of Employees belonging to the INPI) and stay of proceedings before the Court

Development of a case for the limitation of claims

In-depth technical study of the inventions and their scientific contribution, and application of the firm’s internal valuation methodology to obtain a reliable value for the CNIS or the Tribunal


Conciliation achieved even before the CNIS proposal thanks to the risk of prescription and the reliability of our counter-evaluation of the inventions.

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