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abello IP offers its clients a complete range of ready-to-use I.P. support solutions that can be customised and combined according to the company’s needs. These Business Solutions bring together, in a single service, all the missions required to secure and enhance the value of intangible assets.

  • Implementation of an IP policy
  • IP Audit
  • Invention detection mission
  • Financial evaluation of IP portfolios
  • Formations

Thanks to its long experience in the prevention of social conflicts linked to the remuneration of employee inventors, abello IP has developed more than fifteen IP policies in companies active in the Metallurgy, Chemistry, Energy, Telecoms, Automotive, Transport, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Engineering and Design sectors…


  • Benchmark on the different IP policies implemented on the market, according to the applicable collective agreement, the typologies of staff (seconded staff, civil servants, private or public agents, etc)
  • Recommendations in terms of compensation amounts
  • Drafting and negotiation of a company collective agreement on your IP policy
  • Amendments to employment contracts according to the categories of personnel concerned (design office, technicians, etc.)
  • Group agreement on employee inventions, harmonization between the laws of different countries
  • Invention declaration forms

Thanks to their cross-functional vision of intellectual property protection, abello IP professionals carry out comprehensive audits on behalf of companies, covering all their intangible assets and their IP litigation issues.


  • 1 day or ½ day on site to meet with the different departments of the company
  • Audit report with an inventory of the existing situation, a list of concrete recommendations and an associated budget, on the following themes:

– strategy for the protection of patentable inventions
– protection of business secrets and know-how
– software protection
– trademark protection
– design protection
– update of your contracts (CGV, CGU, NDA, research contracts, consortium etc), and of your employment contracts (IP clauses)
– regularisation of the chain of intellectual property rights

Several Partners of the Firm have practiced in the corporate world. They have experienced the issues and constraints related to innovation in design offices and research centers. They are familiar with the procedures to be implemented, they know how to establish an in-depth and effective dialogue with teams of engineers and technicians, and how to provide precise and concise reporting to assist companies’ management or patent committees in their decision-making process.


  • one day on site to participate in meetings with project managers, engineers and technical staff
  • study of plans and descriptions
  • conduct of patentability studies
  • development with the Protective Strategies Directorate
  • monitoring the implementation of the strategies decided by Management
  • Involvement of patent engineers with various levels of experience (with experience in industry) and according to the desired skills (mechanical/structural, chemical/materials, physical/thermodynamics, electronics/automation, telecom/IA, etc.)

abello IP provides its clients with in-depth expertise in the financial valuation of IP assets, acquired both in the contentious valuation of damages and in complex contractual negotiations and equity transactions. The firm delivers a sound and well-founded financial analysis.

Read more about this technical data sheet How to enhance the value of intellectual property protection? here.


  • Elaboration of a financial valuation of patents or trademarks in the context of negotiations of assignment agreements, licenses, contributions, audit/due diligence or litigation contracts
  • Application of at least two methods of calculation among the “investment” (or cost) method, the “weighted margin” (WMVS) method and the “license revenues” method (or comparable licenses)
  • Establishment of a detailed and commented financial table

Parameters taken into account in the evaluation:

– period of potential exploitation
– validity, scope, ownership of the title
– associated know-how
– developments to be achieved, existence of improvements,
– necessary administrative authorisations (CE marking, approvals, etc.)
– business plan (market size, market share, cost of production, sales price, etc.)

Consult the complete technical sheet on the website: Techniques of the Engineer

abello IP has developed training programs focused on helping companies and legal departments to manage and optimize all their intangible assets intelligently and autonomously.

The training catalogue includes:

– Patents (patentability, procedure for filing and extension abroad, exploitation of patents, patent ownership);
– Alternative protection strategies (business secrecy, defensive publications, SOLEAU envelopes, etc.)
– Software copyright
– Trademarks
– Designs
– Drafting and negotiation of contracts (R&D, licensing, assignment, etc.)
– Ecosystem of academic innovation and the fundamental tools for technology transfer, sourcing and maturation
The training courses target in particular the Enterprise Department, IP Departments, Technology Transfer Departments and incubators
The Firm offers its clients personalised training courses, based on this catalogue, with concrete examples specific to the company, in order for the message to be easily and quickly usable by the trainees


  • Establishment of a tailor-made training plan with the client on the basis of the training catalogue
  • Establishment of a presentation support adapted to the client with concrete cases of trademarks, patents or contracts indicated by the client
  • 1 day or ½ day of training, on site or at the Firm

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