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A century-long history in Intellectual Property

To this day, abello IP remains faithful to the historical values of its predecessors: avant-gardism, high technicality and mixed profiles. Indeed, the firm has built its added value on a strong and virtuous internal collaboration between scientists and lawyers.

At abello IP, the ambition is to create true “lawyer-engineers”: professionals capable of understanding and grasping both the technical and legal issues at stake, in order to provide the best possible support to our clients.

Today, this ambition is bearing fruit: a key position in the field of Intellectual Property and recognition by our peers for our technical precision and the high quality of our support.

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The SPE Grand Sud opens its 2nd establishment in Bordeaux and co-opts Julien Astier as a partner who takes over the management of the establishment


The patent attorneys office Tech@PI joins the abello Group and becomes abello Grand Sud


Redemption of Hammond Industrial Property Law Firm

2011 à 2019

Cooptation of partners Jean-Baptiste Thibaud, Mickaël Jeuland, Delphine Rudloff, Marie Liens and Guillaume Dubos


Creation of the law firm Loyer & Abello by the association between Bertrand Loyer and Michel Abello, lawyer, Centralien engineer and former industrial property attorney


Continuation of the firm’s activities by his sons Bertrand Loyer, an engineer lawyer from the Ecole de l'Air and former patent attorney, and Yves Loyer, Doctor of Law, engineer from the Mines de Paris and patent attorney


The Fayollet law firm becomes the Loyer law firm with the transfer to his son-in-law Pierre Loyer, patent attorney, Centralien engineer and law graduate


The Centralien engineer lawyer Jules Fayollet founded the Fayollet Law Firm



At the heart of its DNA, abello IP values the diversity of legal and scientific profiles.


abello IP is acknowledged on the market for its high level of technical expertise in patents and trademarks.


abello IP stands out for its boldness in developing the best litigation strategies.

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