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Cancellation of 4 patents of a leader in agricultural machinery

13 July 2020

One of the industrial leaders in hand tools for agriculture

Invalidity actions for 4 patents belonging to another market leader

Key Figures

Since 2013, we have had two French patents invalidated at first instance (decision confirmed on appeal, appeal pending) and two European patents annulled (appeal pending).


Liberate the customer’s market by legal means against the monopolies of a competitor.

Splitting the case in two to avoid the consequences of a stay of proceedings on half of the dispute.


Cancellations obtained in spite of multiple limitations of patents granted by the opposing party and in spite of maintenance in modified form in parallel opposition at the EPO.

These decisions “cleaned up the field” and made it possible for our client to market its products on the French market.

We obtained a total of 350,000 euros for the reimbursement of legal fees, and the client was almost completely reimbursed for his costs.

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