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Global strategy for sign release in Asia

20 March 2020

Fashion; Footwear

Allowing the client to protect a dominant brand in its portfolio in major Asian countries where its former distributor took advantage of the client’s commercial absence to register the brand.

Key Figures

More than 15 national trademarks protected in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and representing obstacles to the protection of the customer’s trademark and the marketing of its products is a real commercial prejudice.

Initiation of opposition and cancellation proceedings to have each of these disputed trademarks cancelled on behalf of the former distributor.


Engage in each country concerned with our local Asian colleagues in procedures to release the situation in order to allow the client to register his trademark :

Filing of the trademark in the name of the client to be dated and wait for the local Office to issue the examination report and the citation of the distributor’s prior trademarks.

Nullity action for failure of use by the distributor for more than 3 years in each country according to local procedures.

Nullity action for fraud against re-deposits made by the distributor by demonstrating the legitimate interest of the customer to recover a trademark protected in 35 countries, marketed in more than 20 countries and representing a turnover of €12,301,600.24 in 2019

Production of a pressbook with the Junior Entreprise HEC with the aim of demonstrating the brand’s international influence and its continuous advertising and promotional investments since its creation and launch in the 90s.


Assistance of the client in the process of releasing the trademark in different Asian countries with specialized advice depending on the country to enable the client to register his trademark for future marketing.

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