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Record number of judgments in favor of employee inventors

20 March 2020

Telecommunications (fibre optics)

Obtaining by the 3 clients from their former employer the payment of additional remuneration for numerous inventions made during their employment contract.

Key Figures

1.040 million in convictions


Attempt at conciliation before the CNIS (National Commission of Inventions of Employees belonging to the INPI)

Application of the firm’s valuation methodology, according to various criteria, in particular the economic interest of the inventions


Obtaining a favourable conciliation proposal from the CNIS

After the employer’s appeal before the Paris Court of First Instance, an even more favorable decision was obtained: 100% of the inventors’ applications were granted, i.e. a total of more than one million euros for the 3 employees.

This remains the highest amount ever granted in this field.

Rare recognition of the moral prejudice suffered by employees as a result of contesting their status as inventors

Obtaining judicial publication of the judgment in the specialized press (very rare).

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