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Negotiation of a complex international contractual arrangement

20 March 2020


Management of intellectual property and personal data aspects in the context of the conclusion of a complex contractual package for a major international project to provide the Ivorian population with access to mobile telephony via the installation of solar panels.

Key Figures

  • 245,000 solar energy systems in deployment
  • 3 client companies
  • More than ten stakeholders in the project
  • 4 private funders


Comparative law analysis of French and Ivorian copyright, database and personal data law. Analysis of the legal stakes related to the European regulation on the transfer of personal data between Africa and the European Union.


Preservation of the rights of the contributor of assets in a complex commercial mandate scheme.

Securing the complex transactions envisaged in the light of recent changes in legislation.

Close and strategic support in high-stake multilateral negotiations.

Drafting of clauses relating to intellectual property and personal data in the framework contracts and commercial agreements resulting from the project.

Assistance in bringing data processing carried out in the framework of the project into compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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