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Coexistence Agreement in China

20 March 2020

Leading French ETI in the field of maritime transport of liquefied gas

Securing the registration of a new trademark internationally

Key Figures

Conducting prior art searches worldwide, filing the trademark via French national trademark extended internationally by international and foreign national procedures, steps in order to secure the registration of the client’s trademark.


Global background checks to detect potential legal obstacles to the client’s project at an early stage.

In view of the anteriorities identified and depending on the client’s major countries of interest, establishment of strategies for securing and releasing the identified prior trademarks.

Faced with a relevant anteriority found in China in the name of a Brazilian company protected for non-similar products but falling within the same class of the international classification, four-party negotiations between our Chinese colleague and the Chinese representative in charge of the Chinese trademark of the Brazilian company and our Brazilian colleagues and that of the Brazilian company with a view to finding an amicable agreement.


After lengthy negotiations, obtaining a coexistence agreement and a letter of consent signed by the Brazilian company which was submitted to the Chinese Office allowing the trademark to be admitted for registration in China.

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